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was on my couch. [laughter] maybe next year. thanks for joining us. jenna: may "america live" starts right now. megyn: fantastic job. and a fox news alert on the final faceoff between president obama and governor romney and how this became a debate that some political analysts are now calling a must-win for the president. welcome to "america live" where we are today live from lynn university in boca raton, florida. the site of it all. i'm megyn kelly. in eight hours the president and the republican challenger go head to head on this stage to face off on foreign policy. that topic could not be any hotter right now with new fallout almost every day from the administration's changing response to the terror attack in libya that killed our ambassador and three other americans a little more than a month ago. joining us now to explain what to watch for and why it matters, chris stirewalt, our fox news digital politics editor and host of "power play" on along with marc thiessen, who's a washington post columnist and a former george w. bush speech writer. gentlemen, welcome to lynn univ
host,wet t baer -- bret baier. >> the u.s. ambassador to libya, our ambassador, has been killed along with three other americans after a series of attacks -- >> america's commitment to religious tolerance goes back to the very beginning of our nation. but let me be clear, there is no justification for this. none. >> the focus at the romney press availability, his overnight press release. >> governor romney, do you think, though, coming so soon after the events really have unfolded overnight was appropriate to be weighing in on this as this crisis is unfolding in realtime? >> the white house, also, issued a statement saying it tried to distance itself from those comments and said they were not reflecting of their view ares. i had the exact same reaction. >> the rose garden minutes later -- >> we will not waver in our commitment to see that justice is done for this terrible act. >> by this point, according to sources, the u.s. intelligence community already knows the attack was a terrorist act, has listed it as such internally to unlock resources and believes it was al-qaeda or al
don't want to jinx anything, right? [laughter] jon: thank you for joining us. jenna: "america live" starts right now. megyn: fox news alert on a new development with the terror attack that killed four americans in libya just over five weeks ago, and the controversy over how this administration has handled this since. welcome to a unique edition of "america live," everyone, i'm megyn kelly. over the next hour, we are going to try and bring you this libya scandal start to finish, including the moment earlier today when the chairwoman of the senate intelligence committee, a democrat, criticized the president's national intelligence director by name for getting the story on libya wrong from the very start. to understand how this became such a big controversy, let's look at the key elements, the key events of the last five weeks in this report narrated by our own "special report" host,wet t baer -- bret baier. >> the u.s. ambassador to libya, our ambassador, has been killed along with three other americans after a series of attacks -- >> america's commitment to religious tolerance goes
storm. jon: stick together, america, we are with you. thank you for joining us. jenna: "america live" starts right now. megyn: fox news alert. brand-new video into fox news showing a dramatic rescue in the badly flooded state of new jersey. welcome to "america live" and our special coverage, everyone, of what could be one of the most devastating weather events in our nation's history. i'm megyn kelly. take a look at this video, this is the town of mo monacke new jersey where a levee has been breached as water came out of the storm drains. a monster storm pummeling the east coast of the united states. 21 different states threatened plus washington d.c. 33 people have now been reported dead, more than 7 million from the east coast to the great lakes are without power, the devastation is everywhere. first we take you to point pleasant, new jersey, one of the towns hardest hit. a massive tidal surge sending waves of water crashing into homes covering the streets with sand from the beach. look at the pictures. in beckley, west virginia the storm generating blizzard-like conditions. h
back. you don't have to talk to the television and no one responds. >> reporter: join us. jenna: thank you for that. gregg: thanks for joining us. "america live" begins right now. >> reporter: we start a with a fox news alert for you. new numbers from the treasury department. the spending crisis in washington is getting worse and it's hitting every american work wer a whooping new bill. welcome to "america live" i'm alisyn camerota in for megyn kelly who is headed to colorado for wednesday night's debate. that is where domestic issues like our debt will be the main focus. this comes as new data shows just how deep of a hole we are in. the u.s. treasury announcing that washington spent nearly $1.2 trillion more than it took in last year. that is a debt increase of close to $11,000 per household in just 12 months. overall, our nation is more than $16 trillion in the red. that is a massive bubble that threatens our entire economy. how do the candidates handle this tomorrow night? let's ask chris stirewalt our fox news digital politics editor and host of power play on live, and
-immigrant is repulsive. don't use a term like that. megyn: is that the guy we're likely to see show up this week? because that, of course, was with the great debate coach who then got let go by the romney camp. >> we'll see. i still think you don't want to be responding, you want to be laying out your views, and you want to be prosecuting the president. he needs to go in there with the mind of a tough-minded district attorney who's trying to prosecute the guy who he wants to be on trial, not defending himself. megyn: the two harvard law school graduates, romney also was a harvard mba, will square off and try to tell americans that they're very relatable. [laughter] we'll look forward to that. all right, chris, thank you. >> thank you. megyn: well, these debates, i mean, they're great theater for the american public, and they really do help a lot of americans decide whether it's just a visceral reaction or i like that guy better, they help americans decide. and a lot of the times it's the gaffes that turn people against the candidates. these campaigns, they're searching for the one defining moment, but of
to show us these advertisements that come out from either side -- when the republicans assault obama and his party, they don't like it. but now they are doing it to mitt romney. >> they have been doing it all along. it came with some risk. they knew that there were risks. we saw it in calling favorability numbers for the president. you would think that they would've done would have done this by now, kill mitt romney's character. but it survived well enough with a few dings along the way. the danger for the president is to have to work to fill the need to launch this kind of an amazing personal attack, to say that the former governor of massachusetts, the guy who was a bishop in his church and who is the nominee of a major presidential party is a flat-out liar is a big deal, and i think there probably will be some backlash to the president on that. megyn: the reporting this morning on politico is that the president was po. and he had a long conversation with himself about what happened, he decided to go after romney is a dishonest person. there is a question about whether that is goin
by islamists militants on a u.s. outpost on the anniversary of september 11th. that was never going to be a good thing or help the president's status on foreign policy with voters. and the handling of it, it has continued even until yesterday on the daily show with jon stewart the president continues to have trouble explaining what happened and explaining how he managed to talk about this in the way that he did. so, yeah, you'd have to say that libya is at the heart of that big drop. megyn: it's amazing what a difference that issue is starting to have in this election, because the same polling group did a poll on foreign policy about a week ago and asked about everything from china, to iran, to egypt, and let me just give you some of the numbers. it shows the two candidates about deadlocked on who would better handle iran. a slight edge for the president when it comes to who would handle egypt better. slowed a slight edge -- stronger edge to romney and who would handle china better and get tough on trade with china the issue of libya seems to be the thing that narrowed this gap from
jenna: thanks for joining us, everybody. jon: "america live" starts right now. megyn: fox news alert on some new data in the presidential showdown as both candidates put the debates behind them and launch into a frantic two week sprint of cross-country campaigning. welcome to "america live", everyone, i'm megyn kelly reporting live from dallas this tuesday, i'll tell you why in a second. exactly two weeks out from election day 2012. breaking earlier this morning for the first time other than brief bounces around convention time, one candidate is now leading the other by more than three points in rasmussen's daily tracking poll. and that candidate is governor mitt romney. he's ahead 50-46 percentage points over -- that's four percentage points over president obama, and with the clock ticking down until voters head to the polls, every minute, every second on the campaign trail could be critical. chris stirewalt is our fox news digital politics editor and host of "power play" on live. chris, hello from dallas. >> hi, megyn. meg and let's -- i'm still thinking about boc
it was revealed he said the u.s. brought the 9/11 attacks upon itself among other comments. at this event then-senator obama expressed pride in reverend wright. >> i've got to give a special shout out to my pastor, the guy who puts up with me, counsels me, listens to my wife complain about me -- [laughter] he's a friend and a great leader. >> reporter: the obama campaign calls this 2007 video a distraction and is accusing allies of mitt romney of recirculating clips of a 2007 event that was open to the press. >> desperate attempt to change the subject from a video in which mitt romney wrote off half of the american people are circulating a video that was covered by the campaign press corps at that time. >> reporter: the speech was june 2007, more than six months before the iowa caucuses. at that point be then-senator obama was considered a long shot, now it's getting some attention. megyn? megyn: mike emanuel, thank you. so what impact, if any, will this video have on the campaign? chris stirewalt is our fox news digital politics editor and host of "power play" on live. chris, it's
tomorrow, right? speak you know, wanaque showed up. thank you for joining us. [laughter] jenna: "america live" starts right now. megyn: fox news election alert in the race for the white house. welcome to "america live." i am megyn kelly. over the past 40 hours, real clear politics, has all been moved to the mini category. michigan, pennsylvania, and wisconsin, the 50 electoral votes have been moved over to the romney side. this development raises the stakes even higher for president obama and governor romney heading into next tuesday's town hall debate. that will be in long island. chris stirewalt is our digital politics editor. i want to get to the debate, but i have to start with this. when you look at the way the electoral map goes, it's like wisconsin and michigan and pennsylvania -- is pennsylvania back in play now? is that real? >> sure, it is real. what you are seeing is this big search for governor romney. the way that you put it is right. mitt romney can't get elected without ohio. the sentence is now that iraq obama can't win without pennsylvania. it is hard to imagine a path t
rupturing. you for joining us. jenna: "america live" starts right now. have a great day. megyn: fox news alert. a series of e-mails obtained by fox news, today raising questions about the obama administration's version of events in the terror attack at the u.s. consulate in benghazi. on 9/11 of this year. welcome to "america live." i am megyn kelly. we are going to sort this out for you. the e-mails were fired off on 9/11 of this year. as for americans were desperately fighting for their lives. one of those e-mails saying the 20 on people had fired an thosen the compound. they tried to bide their time until backup to get there, but that time would never come. that e-mail was sent on tuesday, september 11, at 4:05 p.m. eastern. it was sent to people linked to the state department. the white house situation room and those working under the director of national intelligence. people with the pentagon and the fbi, with the subject line u.s. diplomatic mission in benghazi under attack. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has breaking news now. she is live in washington. reporte
for charity. we hope you have a happy and safe halloween today. jon: thanks for joining us. jenna: "america live" starts right now. megyn: fox news alert. days after a devastating storm surge that reshaped hundreds of u.s. communities the stories of destruction left behind by sandy are only just beginning. welcome to "america live," busy afternoon, folks. i'm megyn kelly. here is what we know so far. at least 59 people are now dead, 6.23 million customers still without power. national guard troops are being dispatched to places like hoboken, new jersey. while natural gas leaks threaten to spark new fires along the jersey coast we are learning it could be weeks before one of the most highly used and complex transit systems in the world is fully operational, a system that moves over than 9 million passengers a day. president obama is expected to leave the white house any moment now to head to new jersey where he can join new jersey governor chris christie on a tour of some of the areas hardest hit. we are also getting a better look this hour at what governor christie is calling the destructio
into a deer or something, it's not good. jon: thank you for joining us today. jenna: "america live" with megyn kelly starts right now. megyn: fox news alert. in the presidential polls just hours ahead of a critical debate. welcome to "america live", i am megyn kelly reporting live from hempstead, new york or that is the side of the presidential debate tonight. it all happens less than eight hours from right now. the crew two presidential candidates will face off in the second of their three debates. tonight's meeting will be in a town hall format. this comes showing the governor romney is surging. in swing states, republican nominee mitt romney is virtually tied now with president obama, 48% to 49%, according to than usa today gallup poll. the good news is for the president in the non-battleground states, but this latest development in the swing states is highly significant. because the president, overwhelmingly won the nobel back in 2008 and critical states like ohio, it is what put him over the top or it already, team obama is slamming the gallup poll results. saying that the usa today resul
wheel once. [laughter] really. thank you for joining us. jenna: "america live" starts right now. megyn: kind of blows my her key. with exactly four weeks before americans head to the polls, a wave of new polling and new signs today that enthusiasm is building for governor mitt romney's white house bid. welcome to "america live," everyone, i'm megyn kelly. right now the governor's in the battleground state of iowa about to hold a rally. his crowds have been growing, and voter excitement building according to the pollsters. a new politico poll finds more republicans than democrats now say they are extremely likely to vote in this election by a margin of 85-75%, 10-point margin. only three weeks ago the number was 81-78% in favor of the democrats, that is a 13-point swing in romney's favor in three weeks' time. chris stirewalt is our fox news digital politics editor and host of "power pl" on fox live. is that all about the debate? >> well, yes and no. it's also in part that when the previous poll was taken, republicans were feeling crabby about mitt romney, so that was art pot
people are comfortable us what this becomes. jon: thank you for joining us today. jenna: "america live" starts right now. megyn: election alert for you and what looks like the campaign is digging in on a message to voters. a dramatic race for the white house. welcome to "america live", i am megyn kelly. taking a look at the front page of today's "des moines register." a split page showing governor romney on the right, president obama on the left. look at the different messaging there. the headline very specific. >> in the final weeks of this election, he is counting on you for getting that his policies are not going to work. he is hoping you won't remember and he will come down with a case of what we call "rom-nesia." [cheers] [applause] megyn: so what does this mean in the final days? chris stirewalt is host of "power play" and a fox news correspondent. what do you think? the headline on the "des moines register" says a lot. reporter: the president took a huge risk on running an intensely negative campaign as an incumbent gray that. that is generally not one incumbent presidents do. t
the brightest. thank you for joining us today. jenna: "america live" starts right now. megyn: fox news alert. you are looking live at iowa and virginia. two critical swing states where we are waiting to hear from obama and romney as we take on new questions today about who won the debate and who came out ahead after last night's town hall debate. and why those are actually two different issues, who won and who came out ahead. welcome to "america live." i am megyn kelly. most of the debate headlines focused on tools like tbs news, which asked uncommitted voters who won last night debate. they gave the president a slight edge. 37% saying obama and 30% saying mitt romney. governor romney was the clear winner on several issues. uncommitted voters saying that he would do a better job handling the deficit and the economy and handling taxes. >> 9 million americans without work. i was in the one to 5.4%. this was the president's plan. he said he would cut in half the deficit. he has not done that, either. in fact, he doubled it. the middle class is getting crushed under the policies of the president
catherine herridge joins us live in washington. we know you've been watching the hearing closely. what do you think. >> reporter: in his opening statement the chairman is saying the state department in that late-day briefing to reporters made his position known drawing a sharp distinction from the white house narrative that was a demonstration that spun out of control. >> they held a broad news conference over the phone in which they made it very clear that it had never been the state department's position, i repeat, never been the state department's position that in fact this assault was part of a row actioa reaction to a video or the like. this is corroborated by numerous witnesses and whistle-blowers. >> reporter: committee members told this morning in opening statements that there was a preoccupation in washington with reducing the number of american security personnel at the consulate and replacing them with libyan guards, that there was a rush to move towards a reduced presence after a series of attacks, including the failed assassination attempt on the british ambassador. >> the se
and all that stuff. they tried to psych up the democratic base ahead of us. the base on the president's performance two weeks ago, for him to make eye contact with any sentiment human being would be a victory for the president. also, he did better in the second half of the debate than he did in the first half of the debate. as voters were scoring, he said yes, he was pretty good, he closed on that. that's different than what happens in the larger context of the election. in the larger context of the election, what the president needed to do was to disqualify mitt romney and say that this guy was not presidential timber. six months of character attacks on air. they were backed up in person on the debate stage last night. the goal was to say that that mitt romney was not fit to qualified for office because of who he was personally, and what the underlying polls say is that the president did not achieve that goal. in fact from the most telling one to me was that romney beat the president on leadership by a dozen points. megyn: significantly, yes. barack obama was at 65, mitt romney at 77
buildings here in lower manhattan. jenna: thank you for joining us, jon. jon: sound like a good times and the hour. megyn: 50 million people in harm's way. a massive storm heading towards a paralyzed east coast, it is what one meteorologist is calling a worst-case scenario. welcome to a "america live", i am megyn kelly. hurricane sandy is a monster. 1000 miles across, 90-mile per hour winds, one of the top forecasters in america calling it a hurricane on steroids. right now, nearly a quarter of the entire ovulation of the united states under a state of emergency. full on emergency declarations in eight states along the eastern seaboard from virginia to massachusetts and washington dc. limited state of emergency in delaware and north carolina. that could well change. over the past few hours the storm has picked up and strengthen, starting to make the forecasted turn inland as some reports of 90-mile per hour wind gusts have head. it is expected to make landfall around atlantic city, new jersey. the resort town reporting heavy damage to the boardwalk there. the casinos are closed
. it was a terrorist attack. >> reporter: chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge joins us live in washington. we know you've bati t r h oni t cma s ste dartmen in that late-day briefing to reporters made his position known drawing a sharp distinction from the white house narrative that was a demonstration that spun out of control. >> they hd a broad news confenceveheho thtevnar department's position, i repeat, never been the state department's position that in fact this assault was part of a row actio reaction to a s croray numous tnes ast-bwers. >> reporter: committee members told this morning in opening statements that there was a preoccupation in washington with reducing the number of american security personnel at the consulate and rlacing them with libyan guards, that there was a rusho move towards a durenc aer a sies ttacheai sainnemptt british ambassador. >> the secretary bombing was an improvised explosive device that was placed on the northgate breaching the wall. it was a test by tstnd ucnd w dn'tspul adequately. >>eporter: fox was first to report on september 17th ba
request, they were told to stand down. with backup not provided. we learned new details about those two u.s. navy seals that were killed in gaza. tyrone woods, yanked from the cia annex. even though he was told not to twice, to help save lives. glen doherty moving from tripoli would not survive. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is alive. jennifer, what can you tell us? >> let me clarify two things. first, there were three separate requests to begin starting around 9:40 p.m. from the cia annex. first, there was a team of operators who are at the compound. they requested a clear chain of command to be sent over to help when they started hearing gunfire at the consulate. they knew that the consulate was under fire and that the ambassador needed help. they were told to stand down twice. once around 9:40 p.m. they asked an hour later. at that point, he disregarded orders and they made their way from a small reaction rescue team from the cia annex, about a mile away, at that point, it was too late. he made some heroic efforts to rescue those and they brought them back to the annex
, interesting remark. thanks for joining us. jenna: "america live" starts right now. megyn: fox news alert on a very different sounding president obama giving a feisty speech on the campaign trail after what bun dates call serious hits he took last night from governor romney in the big debate. well tomorrow to "america live." back in new york, folks i'm megyn kelly. a look back now in denver, colorado where a fired up barack obama has just finished this rally. he was going off on governor romney in that campaign appearance, and we heard a very different-sounding barack obama at this rally. it comes after the president's top campaign advisers, hour after hour hit the air waves clearly trying to reframe the presidential's debate performs answer. political observers said he looked irritated, annoyed and was unhappy to be on the stage while mitt romney sounded presidential. thousand they try to make the argument that governor romney only won last night because he lied. here is the president moments ago. >> we also had our first debate last night. when i got onto the stage i met this very spiri
'll definitely show some clips of that, right? jon: we'll see. if i hit my notes. thanks for joining us. jenna: "america live" starts right now. megyn: fox news alert on what has become a must-see event in campaign 2012, tonight's vice presidential debates. welcome to "america live," everyone, i'm megyn kelly, reporting live from danville, kentucky, where less than eight hours from right now vice president joe biden and republican nominee paul ryan will face off for the first and only time in this contest. new video just in to the fox newsroom showing mr. biden arriving in kentucky for tonight's big debate, and the debate comes as the romney/ryan ticket today opens up its biggest lead of in this entire election. the republicans leading by a full point now i in the real clear politics average of all polls, that's the first time that's happened since mitt romney secured the nomination. you can see the course of the last year with the blue line for president obama and the red line for mitt romney. and you can bet that this means new pressure for the vice president going into tonight. chris stirew
that the governor would use to try to make that revenue neutral would not bring up the total amount, but it is important to note that she did say that tax and cuts would be hard. megyn: there is some troubling news from the unemployment department on jobs. applications rose to 360,000. that is up from last week. a second report shows planned layoff 4.9% in september. yesterday the commerce department said factory orders dropped 5.2% in august. still, just a short time ago, president obama said today's report shows that the economy is headed in the right direction. >> after losing about 800,000 jobs a month when i took office, we have more jobs and we found out this link at the unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest level since i took office. [cheers] [applause] megyn: joining me now is lou dobbs. he is the host of "lou dobbs tonight" on the fox business network. it is good news, says the president? >> it is good news for him. this is as nice of a result that he could have asked for. the bad news is that this is based on the household survey. the unemployment rate. it is figured
for joining us today. jenna: "america live" starts right now. megyn: sounds sounds are sounds great is right. fox news alert a stunning turn in the numbers for this election as a wide lead for the president has all but disappeared with just 22 days to go. welcome to "america live," everyone, i'm megyn kelly. just take a look at the numbers. on september 30th the "real clear politics" average of all polls had the president 74 electoral votes ahead of governor romney. when you looked at how it's likely to turn out in terms of which way states were leaning they used the polls to calculate at that point that the president had 265 votes, just about locked up, compared to just 191 for governor romney. you need 270 to win. fast forward to today, and we see the predicted 74-vote gap has shrunk to a mere 10 votes, and with the momentum now going to the former governor of massachusetts it is hard to imagine how there could be more on the line for these two men tomorrow night at the next presidential debate. chris stirewalt is our fox news digital editor and host of "fox news live." i know you don't sa
Search Results 0 to 45 of about 46 (some duplicates have been removed)